What Sets Us Apart from the Competition

People often ask us… how are you different than other professional service firms? Professional Development Strategies distinguishes ourselves from other industry firms by utilizing a unique combination of academic, industry and professional experience.

Private sector: What does it take to be successful when I get where I’m going?

To know and understand the nuances associated with working in the private sector, you have to have spent time doing so. Having worked exclusively the private sector, we have an understanding of how businesses operate, what they look for in qualified candidates and what it takes to be successful post hire when working with client’s making professional transitions. This inside knowledgeand experience ranslates directly to insightful and customized professional development advice and job strategies for client’s.

Additionally, we’ve worked with hundreds of public sector employees who have transitioned to the private sector. Getting a job in the private sector, or transitioning to a new role in the same industry, isn’t the end of the professional journey… but the beginning of an exciting new one.

Academic: What other professional steps should I take to better myself?

Continued education and learning is an extremely important part of successful career transitions and we understand the value of the continuing education process having pursued an advanced degrees as an adult learner.

Beyond academic pursuits, there may be added value in enhancing professional qualifications via select designations and certifications.

Public-Private Partnerships: How does an understanding of “public-private partnerships” benefit individual clients?

We have significant private sector, “in the trenches” experience. Part of this experience involves facilitating complex public-private sector partnerships, gaining significant public sector knowledge and expertise while working on these types of partnerships.

The bottom line… at Professional Development Strategies we’re strategically different than other industry firms competing in the same space and we don’t mind saying it! Our client’s directly benefit from the advanced information, knowledge, education and professional experience gained during our extensive public, private and academic endeavors.