Resume Writing

Resumes are definitely NOT “one size fits all!” The average time a resume gets screened on manual review is about 12-15 seconds! If your resume doesn’t immediately catch the attention of the screener in that period of time, or via the key word matching software they are using, they have already moved on to the next candidate. Your resume must be unique, remarkable and stick out from the crowd for each and every position you apply for!

At Professional Development Strategies, we don’t write one resume for you and expect you to use that for all positions you apply for. Instead, we work with you individually to write a base resume then teach you how to customize and tailor your resume specifically to fit the positions you are seeking.

The Top Ten Steps To Ensure Success When Transitioning To The Private Sector

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Proofing Your Resume: More Than Just Spell Check

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Resumes: Limiting Page Count Likely Limits Opportunities

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