Career Transitions: Vision, Planning and Timing Are Key!

Career Transitions - Timing is EverythingThis morning an article (“The MBA Job Search: Plan B“) popped into my inbox from Bloomberg Business Week. The article focuses on job hunting post MBA grad school and on the surface professionals transitioning either from the government to the private sector, or within the private sector, might easily overlook an article like this because it’s not applicable: “I’m transitioning from one job or career to another and not finishing grad school.” However, when you look at the article in a different light, taking out the phrase “The MBA,” the article is now titled Job Search: Plan B and both this and the advice are directly applicable to your situation.

Key elements of the article involve core concepts that we focus on when working with client’s at Professional Development Strategies: long term vision, planning, goal identification and timelines. All of these elements are important parts of the process but many client’s fail to think about the timeline far enough in advance of the transition to successfully position themselves for it. The timeline is critical as job change isn’t often achieved from one day to the next but through a well executed and well researched plan which usually takes time to implement.

We’re often asked “how far in advance should I start planning prior to a career change?” That depends on a number of factors but ideally the planning should start 6 months to a year before the day you’re walking out the door. The steps in a career/job change take time and ideally, to ensure success, we like our client’s to allow more time and start even sooner. The timeline is also important given our current economic condition. Not everyone can afford to live on their retirement income alone. This creates an economic situation where a second career isn’t just an option but a necessity.

So, even if you aren’t making a move for two years…take a look at the article and start your plan TODAY.


Dan Draz