Social Media Optimization Services

Social Media OptimizationOptimizing your social media profile is not only important but essential in this competitive employment environment. Simply putting up a social media profile and forgetting about it, or doing nothing to update it … does nothing for you. It’s imperative that social media profiles, much like websites, are regularly updated. Social media applications utilize search engine search strategies much like websites do and showing up on page one when someone is searching for industry professionals generates more visibility than showing up on page 50!

At Professional Development Strategies, we work with you to enhance your social media profiles so that they accurately reflect your education, training, expertise and are more easily discoverable when others are searching for professionals with your experience.

Note: Professional Development Strategies does not offer job placement service (i.e. we’re not headhunters). We’ve successfully consulted with those interested in getting entry level jobs in the industry, those making the transition from law enforcement to the private sector, and those with experience interested in progressing to higher levels within their careers or industries.