Customized Resume Writing / Cover Letters

Customized Resume Writing / Cover LettersResumes are definitely NOT “one size fits all!” If you are using one resume model for all positions you apply for and expect a recruiter or human resources professional to figure out how your skills fit their position – they aren’t going to take the time to do so. When 300 people are competing for one position, the average time a resume gets screened on manual review is about 12-15 seconds! If your resume doesn’t immediately catch the attention of the screener in that period of time, or via the key word matching software they are using, they have already moved on to the next candidate. Your resume must be unique, remarkable and stick out from the crowd for each and every position you apply for!

At Professional Development Strategies, we don’t write one resume for you and expect you to use that for all positions you apply for. Instead, we work with you individually to write a base resume then teach you how to customize and tailor your resume specifically to fit the positions you are seeking.

Customized Cover Letters

Much like the resume information discussed above, cover letters are not “one size fits all” and must be unique and custom tailored specifically to the job you are applying for.

At Professional Development Strategies, we write short and concise cover letters which not only compliment your resume but which focus on your education, training and experience highlighting those areas which are a direct match for the position.

Note: Professional Development Strategies does not offer job placement service (i.e. we’re not headhunters). We’ve successfully consulted with those interested in getting entry level jobs in the industry, those making the transition from law enforcement to the private sector, and those with experience interested in progressing to higher levels within their careers or industries.