Career Mapping Services

Career MappingCareer mapping is an essential, but often overlooked, component of any professional development strategy. The key mistakes most professionals make are failing to develop a vision and thinking “long term.” Personally, you would never just get in your car or boat and go on a trip without first looking at a map, chart or GPS to plan the most optimal route to take. The same holds true in your career. Most professionals fail to think beyond the current job they’re in or applying for and plan for the steps beyond that to ensure career success.

At Professional Development Strategies, we work with you to develop professional vision and a roadmap for long term career success!

Note: Professional Development Strategies does not offer job placement service (i.e. we’re not headhunters). We’ve successfully consulted with those interested in getting entry level jobs in the industry, those making the transition from law enforcement to the private sector, and those with experience interested in progressing to higher levels within their careers or industries.