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The Top Ten Steps To Ensure Success When Transitioning To The Private Sector

I’ve spent my entire career working exclusively in the private sector. Throughout that time, I’ve interacted with thousands of federal agents, detectives and police officers from around the globe. Routinely, I talk to many people in law enforcement who are planning on retiring and express interest … [Read more...]

The New Business World – Reinventing Yourself Professionally is Key

A colleague of mine from grad school refers to the current employment market as "the new business world." He's definitely on to something as it's absolutely not business as usual out there for most employers or their hiring practices. Long gone are the days when candidates secured five or six … [Read more...]

The Value of Mentoring – Critical to Professional Success!

Two weeks ago, my colleague at Professional Development Strategies, Dr. Krista Osborne, wrote a blog piece on professional mentoring and she nailed this! Reading the piece she wrote inspired me to write this as an add on to her insightful commentary. Mentors are an integral part of professional … [Read more...]

Burning Professional Bridges – Doesn’t matter or Don’t do it?

We’ve all heard the expression “don’t burn professional bridges.” Professional Development Strategies personally agrees that burning professional bridges is a bad idea but to our surprise apparently not everyone thinks it’s as true as it used to be. A while ago, I was looking at a discussion about … [Read more...]

Mentor Mania or Menagerie

As I have progressed through my career both in law enforcement and the private sector, I consistently heard from supervisors that it is really helpful to 'get a good mentor,' to help guide you and get you to where you want to go.  Over those years, I never formally enlisted the services of a mentor … [Read more...]