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30-60-90 Day Professional Development Planning: Your Approach to Career Success

The other day a professional associate and I were talking about career change and I suggested putting together a 30-60-90 day professional growth plan. I was asked to do this as part of a management assignment during grad school and it was a great exercise. While the initial assignment was to put … [Read more...]

Proofing Your Resume: More Than Just Spell Check

While it's true you can't judge a book by its cover... you may, however, be able to judge an applicant by his/her resume. Well written, polished and clean looking resume's naturally get more attention than sloppy, poorly written and mistake filled ones do. Resume's get interviews and for most hiring … [Read more...]

Resumes: Limiting Page Count Likely Limits Opportunities

Clients often ask, "How long should my resume be?" There are many different schools of thought on this but one of the more common philosophies is "no more than two pages." While that response probably works for certain types of entry level positions, individuals with less than five years of … [Read more...]

Career Transitions: Vision, Planning and Timing Are Key!

This morning an article ("The MBA Job Search: Plan B") popped into my inbox from Bloomberg Business Week. The article focuses on job hunting post MBA grad school and on the surface professionals transitioning either from the government to the private sector, or within the private sector, might … [Read more...]